Pastoral Council

Our parish Pastoral Council consists of the pastor, three ex-officio members (one must be a member of the Parish Finance Committee), three appointed members and six members elected by the parishioners. The Pastoral Council meets seven times a year.

The purpose of the Pastoral Council is to listen to our parish community and identify the temporal and spiritual needs of the parish. The Council then develops a course of action to respond to these needs. The Council is committed to bring to life our Parish Mission.

Our members include:

Fr. O’Hara, ex-officio member
Sr. Mary Ann Johnston
Andrea Jackowski
Cheryl DiNardo
Chris White
Kristen Cossa
Mark Arnold
Rick McKay
Sue Scowden
Susan Winters-Griste
Teri Chuck
Tom Galia, Business Manager
Eleanor Slanga
Charles Staab

2008 Parish Pastoral Plan (PDF)